CSPS is the spareparts planning system of Iveco Group and can be accessed directly by our VMI (Vendor managed inventory) suppliers, this link in particular for IVECO EMEA.

How to log on ?
Username: (same as for the portal)
Example: W12345A

Password: use your password given by Supplier Development Team (case sensitive), different from the portal password !
Your userID will be as much as possible the same as the one used for the portal, but your password is different from the one used for the portal ! For password control (expired passwords, locked userID's, reset passwords, forgotten userID's or if you need a new USERID/ password, please contact Supplier Development Team (Iveco Group)
Who to contact ?
To get access to CSPS tool or in case of technical issues during the CSPS navigation

Supplier Development Team (Iveco Group)