Standards Database Industrial (SDB-I)

SDB-I is the Iveco Group reference system for FPT Industrial & IVECO (Commercial Vehicles) specific Standards and Legacy (Fiat, Cummins) Standards. It is a standalone system outside of the portal.

This system now uses the Single Sign-On: you can therefore access SDB-I provided that

  1. you have already logged into the Supplier Portal
  2. you have been granted the appropriate Engineering Functional Group Role (IVECO and / or FPT Industrial) by your Buyer

When both the above conditions are met, the Proceed button appears which allows you to connect to SDB-I.

How to log on ?

New users must first register on the Supplier Portal (create a new userID)

Upon registration, they must indicate that they require the IVECO Engineering Functional Group Role and / or the FPT Engineering Functional Group Role: the Buyer will determine whether the request is legitimate or not.

As already stated, the login into the Supplier Portal is the only way to access SDB. In the event of problems with Supplier Portal login or password (e.g. expired passwords, blocked user IDs, password reset, forgotten user IDs), you must follow the Supplier Portal access recovery / reset procedures.

To get access to SDB-I

If you already have a Supplier Portal userID, but you do not see the Proceed button above, your Buyer has not enabled you to the IVECO Engineering and / or FPT Engineering Functional Group Role, or you may have been disabled. You should then logon to the Supplier Portal, select "My profile" in the menu, select "My functional groups" and then click the plus button next to "Engineering FPT" and/or "Engineering Iveco" (depending upon the set of Standards you need to access). The system will request you the eMail address of the Iveco Group Purchasing Buyer that can approve your access. Finally click on the SAVE button at the end of the page. The Supplier Portal Support Team will send you an e-mail as soon as the access is granted.

The Buyer's intervention is the only way to get access to SDB-I.

Who to contact ?

In case of problems accessing SDB-I, please contact your reference Buyer.

In case of technical issues during the SDB-I navigation, a “contact form” is available inside the SDB-I tool for technical support.

SDB-I reference