14 Mar 2023

IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION for FPT Córdoba Suppliers regarding SQP Management

Dear Supplier,

From our consideration, looking for opportunities to make the company processes better, improve the teamwork and collaboration between companies, Iveco Group consider that is important to refresh previous communications about IVG Supply Quality Performance System. The main objective is to monitor the quality of the supply of components delivered to IVG manufacturing units around the world.

The SQP is the only means of communication and response of Bills (Notification of Non-Conformity) where quality disturbances or logistic services will be communicated. Quality problems will be informed by IVG and answered by the supplier through the quality profile. Logistic problems, including packaging problems of parts, differences in the quantities shipped and parts delivery delays will be informed by IVG and answered by the supplier through the logistic profile.

The system is accessible via Iveco Group Portal:

We extend this notification in order to make all the necessary updates in your systems, databases and contact information.

Iveco Group does count on your support in this important matter, and thanks you for your continuous dedication to the Company.

We are entirely at your disposition for any further explanation.

Yours sincerely, 

IVECO GROUP LATAM - Logistic and Quality Department