21 Sep 2022

Important communication - Iveco Group Italian locations | The new “Portale Imprese” is on-line

Dear Suppliers,

We would like to inform you that effective 1st October 2022 accreditation procedures and issuance/renewal of access permissions related to external companies entering any Iveco Group Italian location will be entirely managed on-line on the new “Portale Imprese” (i.e. Portal of external companies).

You will access the new tool https://imprese.ivecogroup.com by means of a login account (registration is mandatory). This Portal will simplify the entire accreditation process and allow external companies to manage documents and information exclusively on-line, without any time constraint or need to go the pertaining office.

External companies will continue to pick up badges at the pertaining office or at Iveco Group location entrance concerned.

Best regards,

Iveco Group HR - Security & Facilities