18 Jan 2023

IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION for Brazilian Suppliers and Dealers (Electronic Invoice Management)

IVECO GROUP (ON-Highway Brasil LTDA) hereby respectfully announces starting from February 2023 a new internal procedure involving electronic invoice management with National Treasury Office. “Manifesto do Destinatário”.

According to fiscal rules adjusted by SINIEF 11, from April 7th, 2022, which amends § 6 of clause 15-C of SINIEF Adjustment No. 7, of September 30th, 2005, which establishes a limit period after 180 (one hundred and eighty) days from the date of issue of the NF-e, IVECO GROUP announce in advance to their suppliers that Starting from February 2023 invoices issued after 180 days will no longer be accepted.

In additional, if IVECO GROUP identifies active invoices in SEFAZ data basis issued more than period mentioned in this communication, with no receipt in one of ours establishments in consequence with no register in ours respective taxes book, it will be refused to SEFAZ.

Also inform that “Manifesto do Destinatário” is an event of the Electronic Invoice (NF-e), which serves to inform SEFAZ if the recipient is aware of that invoice, guaranteeing tax security for both companies.

We kindly ask for attention regarding the procedure for sending invoices as soon as they are issued, to prevent rejections in the future.

For more details and information in Portuguese, please check the attachment.

Yours sincerely,