25 Oct 2023

IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION due to the Long Shutdowns at the end of the year 2023

Dear Suppliers,

Production shutdowns are essential for a company to remain competitive in the market considering production volume, performance, operating costs and productivity.

However, the return of the productivity needs to be planned according to the complexity of the productive interventions and the time that the process was stopped.

Based on that, the IVECO GROUP will adopt a conformity plan to ensure the Quality of parts supplied based on any significant impact on the 4M's of the production chain.

As presented during the last webinar, a survey must be completed based on the end of year plan for your production line.

Please use the link bellow to share with us your plans, controls and contacts:


The suppliers that impacted the TWS (Top Worst Supplier) 2023 indicators will be contacted directly by your reference SQE to align the activity, as well as scheduling the Process Audit at the production plant immediately after the production resumption period.

This proactive activity will guarantee the Quality of parts supplied after shutdown due to reduced production volumes, in order to protect our Customers.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the SQE responsible for your company.


Best regards,


Tiago Castro
Head of Supplier Quality Latam